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Chase has been successfully coaching goalkeepers throughout the Atlanta area and facilitating their growth, since 2012. Chase founded Forge Goalkeeping Academy with the intention of introducing clarity in the goalkeeping community by building relationships in professional training environments. Chase has coached at all levels, from semi-pro to youth, and holds the National Goalkeeping Diploma and the National Youth License. A member of the United Soccer Coaches, Chase is actively involved in creating the best training atmosphere possible for his clients.


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2018 State Champions
2016 State Champions
2019 National Champion
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Parkview High School

2016: GHSA State Championship

Parkview boys had made it to the State Finals against Milton High School. The game was dead even for 100 minutes (here, high school only plays 40 minute halves) and they were going to Penalty kicks. Our goalkeeper, Austin Lu, shined by stopping 2 penalty kicks to win Parkview their State Title. *(in the semi-finals match against Alpharetta High School Parkview was losing 1-0. With seconds left in the game (not an exaggeration) Alpharetta's goalkeeper fouled the Parkview forward in the box, and with .9 seconds left on the clock a penalty was awared to Parkview. Parkview won that game in penalty kicks to advance to the final).

Parkview High School

2018: GHSA State Championship

Parkview girls had made it to the State Finals against rival, Milton High School, who had knocked out Parkview girls the previous year. 20 minutes into the first half, the Milton forward ran past our defensive line-- it was a one v one with our goalkeeper, Sara Halilhodzic. The Milton forward rocketed the ball hip height to Sara's right side. With fantastic reactions, Sara shot out her hand in a beautiful dive and saved the shot long enough for her defense to recover. Milton's attack withered after that chance and Parkview went on to win 2-0 in regulation


2019: ECNL National Championship

It was a hot day in Richmond, Virginia at the ECNL National Finals where GSA was playing a dangerous PDA team(out of New Jersey). The score was 1-0 to GSA when, in the 30th minute, the PDA right winger ran down the line, and, 20 yards out, hit a ball that was sailing into the right upper 90 of the goal. Our goalkeeper, Katie Oakley, tracked the ball across her goal, and at the last minute climbed as high as she could in a jump and tipped the ball out (this technique is very difficult at the youth level). For the rest of the game, Katie was exemplary in how she distributed the ball and managed crosses into her box. Katie weathered that storm and made club history by helping her team bring home the first National Title to a Southeastern team since the formation of the league.


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We provide individual training that focuses on technical excellence in game scenarios. Our sessions run for 1 hour and are held at Alpharetta North Park. Prices vary based on services provided.


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Being our goalkeeper's favorite glove because of their durability and design, Forge Goalkeeping Academy is happy to provide our clients with a discount to one of the most popular brands in the US! Check out their latest selection here.


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